Pooja Motl | Author. Natural Foods Chef. Lifestyle Purist.

Author, Natural Foods Chef, Purist.

About Pooja.

Pooja Mottl is a Researcher at New York University investigating why young girls form gender, intelligence, and Math stereotypes in early childhood. She is the author of The 3-Day Reset (2014), a self-help book on transitioning from processed to healthy, whole foods. Pooja also advocates for Motherhood (its virtues and its value) and the influence of mothers on their daughters’ achievement. She has appeared on Good Morning America, WGN-TV, Martha Stewart Radio, WomensHealthMag.com, Glamour.com, Style.com, The Better Show, Good Day Austin, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Serendipity Magazine, HuffPost Live, Time.com, WomensDay.com, and other media. Mottl gained a BA in Economics from the University of Michigan and an MSc in International Relations from the London School of Economics, beginning her career as an Investment Banker at some of the world’s largest and most profitable multi-national investment banks and as an economic analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. She is also a graduate of the professional Chef Training Program at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

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  • Favorite Children's book - "Ada Byron Lovelace and The Thinking Machine"
  • Favorite Things to Do with My Children - Build computers, Tickle Battles, Piano, Sports
  • Favorite food - Homemade guacamole
  • Favorite Quote - "If you want to bring happiness to the world, go home and love your family", Mother Teresa
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