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Keifer, Figs, and Raspberry Leaf Tea

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day because I’m usually very hungry, I’m at home, and I’ve got nothing else to distract me. Although I have time, its not a lot. Yet I try to make breakfast a ceremonial, relaxed, and beautiful meal –  usually its me and my daughter. While she’s playing on the floor in the kitchen, I start whipping things up. As I’ve said earlier in the blog, I try to have fruits and vegetables at almost every meal if I can. When figs were in season in Greenwich a few weeks back, I snapped them up at the grocery store.

Here’s how the table looked:

  • Plate of eggs, avocado, fresh figs sliced into quarters, cherry tomatoes pan fried.
  • A glass of keifer with a half teaspoon of raw organic local honey (wildflower, New York state)
  • A hot cup of hibiscus tea (I found some loose hibiscus tea at a farmers market)

This was bliss. The figs added the perfect sweetness along with the eggs. The avocado lent some satisfying fat (I love avocado in the morning – sometimes we forget to get in some much needed fatty acids at the start of the day). The hibiscus tea smelled amazing. (I don’t take caffeine in the mornings and when I do its usually white tea or green tea or kukicha tea and always 20 minutes or longer after a meal – not during a meal.)

Let me know how you get on making breakfast as lovely as you can. I think it makes a huge difference to my everyday.


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