Pooja is building a Female Focused platform offering mindset tools to help females of all ages realize their full potential and pursue leadership across industries and in government. Tools are grounded in modern and ancient wisdom, psychology science, and sports coaching methodologies. The first literary offering within the platform is a Nonfiction middle grade book focusing on motivating girls to run for elected leadership positions in US Government.  



The Storybook Project

Pooja collaborates with Markman Lab at Stanford University on developmental and social psychology research at the intersections of motivation, gender gaps, stereotype formation, belief systems and leadership. She is currently a co-author of a working study investigating the potential for language used in motivational, feminist-style Children’s books to backfire and unintentionally result in a lack of motivation to lead.

BOOK: The 3-Day Reset

A professionally trained chef and graduate of both the NGI and Cornell’s Plant Based Nutrition Certificate Course, Pooja has spent more than a decade dedicated to combatting our nations obesity epidemic and the health crisis associated with the Standard American Diet (SAD). Her book, The 3-Day Reset (Seal Press/Hachette, 2014) endorsed by John Mackey (Co-Founder, Whole Foods Market) outlines 10 simple ways you can change your cravings and start eating whole, healthy, satisfying foods. Earlier, Pooja was a healthy eating and nutrition consultant and conducted research at the non-profit Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), investigating the drawbacks associated with the consumption and production of High Fructose Corn Syrup.



Pooja began her career as an Investment Banker in New York and Los Angeles with roles at Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ), Bear Stearns, and later joined Equity Sales and Capital Markets groups at Merrill Lynch in London and Morgan Stanley in New York. She was later recruited to join the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, joining the Bank Supervision Group where she was a junior member of a regulatory policy group headed by E. Gerald Corrigan.

Pooja was a 3-sport high school varsity athlete and team captain, and is an avid recreational athlete and sports enthusiast.